Follow me to my Secret Grotto

You found this hidden Grotto of Ariel. Here you can find all the places around the world where you can spot Ariel and friends including:

Walt Disney World (WDW)
Disneyland & Disney California Adventure (DCA) Disney Cruise Line's Ship "Wonder" (DCL)
Tokyo Disneysea (TDS).

Coming soon: Broadway, NY.
The first place you can find Ariel and the rest of "The Little Mermaid" cast is in the "Voyage of the Little Mermaid" theather in MGM at Walt Disney World. There, you can see a great presentation of the movie including the songs.
You'll feel like you are underwater.
Walt Disney World
They love her so much at DisneySea that they even got her own fountain! which, of course, she shares with her sisters. 
Do not worry about Ursula because King Triton is always taking care of his daugthers and watching over them.
Too bad that Sea Witch Ursula is also there.
Hey! Flounder and Sebastian got their own statue too!
Ariel lives in her Grotto in the Magic Kingdom at WDW where she has a place for kids to play;
there used to be a fountain of King Triton near the grotto for a while.
Ariel enjoys shopping too! You can see her in the window of Emporium in Magic Kingdom
You can also find Ariel at the Mermaid Lagoon theater in Tokyo's DisneySea. More than that,
The Mermaid Lagoon is a whole land dedicated to Ariel and Atlantica
And the under the sea party have their own water parade at Tokyo DisneySea.
Sebastian, Flounder, King Triton, and Ariel each of them have their own float.
Since she has to go to her theater everyday,
MGM included her in their Motor Parade.
Flounder and Sebastian were also included in the 50th Anniversary. They can see the whole park from that castle view!
Disneyland & DCA
Tokyo DisneySea
Here, Ariel is at the top of the "World of Disney" Store at DownTown Disney
They even dressed her car for the Christmas Parade
Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, King Triton, and the rest of The Little Mermaid have their own float at the ElectroMagic Parade at Magic Kingdom
Ariel can also be seen at the All Star Movie Hotel and the Disney Vacation Club.
When Ariel isn't in the Magic Kingdom at WDW she can be also be found in her grotto in Disneyland in California. Disneyland has a beautiful garden with a statue of Ariel and a fountain of King Tirton, just like the ones in WDW
There is a replica of Eric's Castle at the
"Storybook Land Canal Boats" Ride
Ariel also has a parade at DL where she is inside a big bubble.
She also has another parade with Ursula. Good thing they are in differents floats.
Ariel had a restaurant at DCA where you could find her strolling around. Now it's more of a Princess restaurant
Disney Cruise Line
The "Wonder" cruise ship from DCL has a restaurant named Triton's.
You can find a statue of Ariel in front of the restaurant and a wall mosaic inside.
This Photomosaic was made with a lot of guests pictures!!.
Ariel can be seen in a window in Disneyland's Main Street
The "Wonder" cruise ship from DCL also has a gorgeous mural of Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian.
It's more than 15 feet tall!