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The Little Mermaid II "Return to the Sea" was released straight to video and DVD on September 19, 2000. This movie came 11 years after "The Little Mermaid" was released in theaters. The story is based on Ariel and Eric's daughter Melody, and her quest to know about the underwater world. Pretty much like Ariel's history, but backwards.
  The Little Mermaid II "Return to the Sea" begins sometime after the end of the first movie, with the presentation of Baby Melody (Ariel & Eric Daughter) to the water world.
Everything was going according to plan until Morgana (Ursula"s Sister) and her clan appear to kidnap Melody. After her unsuccessful attempt, Morgana swears that she'll be back. Afraid that the new evil witch would harm Melody, Ariel and Eric decide to withhold the truth from Melody about her mermaid heritage and build a wall around the castle to keep away anyone coming or going to the sea.  
Twelve years pass and Melody, all grown up now, always finds a way to swim to the sea to collect sea shells and other stuff (much like her mom did with human stuff). Sebastian, (who was assigned to be Melody's nanny from the begging) is always discouraging her from going to the sea.
One day, Melody finds a golden locket in the bottom of the sea with her name on it; as soon as she opens it an image of Atlantica and the Merfolks appears. Later that day, Melody finds herself in a ballroom party that was organized for her. Unfortunately, everything goes wrong and she couldn't feel herself more out of the water than before. Ariel then finds out about Melody's locket and Melody decides that is is time to find answers.
After Melody runs away to the sea, Morgana approaches her and offers her to be a mermaid in exchange of King Triton's Trident. Melody accepts and together with her new pals, Dash and Tip, she embarks on a visit to Atlantica. Meanwhile Ariel, Eric and Triton are talking about where Melody could be, since Eric knows the castle and surroundings better, he stays to look for Melody on land. Then, King Triton  retransforms Ariel into a mermaid so she can look for Melody under the sea
King Triton returns to Atlantica to wait for any news about Melody.
Ariel swims around the places she used to go to, like the grotto and the rock where Sebastian sang to her "Under the Sea", she also finds a grown up Flounder with his little kids. At that time, Melody had already arrived Atlantica and grabs Triton's Trident, which had been left near his throne. Then she returns to Morgana's lair in Antarctica.
Jodi Benson as Princess Ariel
Tara Strong as Melody
Samuel E. Wright as Sebastian
Rob Paulsen as Prince Eric
Pat Carroll as Morgana
Kenneth Mars as King Triton
Cam Clarke as Flounder
Buddy Hackett as Scuttle
Max Casella as Tip
Stephen Furst as Dash
Kay E.Kuter as Grimsby
Paddi Edwards as Flotsam and Jetsam
Rene Auberjonois as Chef Louis
Edie McClurg as Carlotta
Will Ryan as The Seahorse
At the end, everybody is celebrating near Eric's Castle that everything is back to normal. King Triton offers Melody an opportunity to be a mermaid for life. Instead, she decided that the best thing to do is to remove the big wall surrounding the Castle.
Merfolks and Humans are rejoicing and swim together. It is possible that Melody will become friends with a merboy whom she accidentally bumps into him while swimming.  

Back in Atlantica, everybody finds out about the trident and about the only possible person who would be able to take it, Melody. After everybody head to Antartica, Ariel finds Melody in Morgana's place and after an argument Melody gives the trident to Morgana. The sea witch does what she knows best, she breaks the deal she had with Melody and places her in an underwater cell.
Meanwhile King Triton, Eric's army and everybody else in the movie is fighting Morgana to take the Trident away from her. Suddenly, Melody came to the surface in her human form (after she was freed by her friends) and sneak from behind to retrieve the Trident and return it to her grandfather, King Triton. Triton then freezes Morgana into a ice cube and she disappears into the water. 
Most of the original cast from "The Little Mermaid" returned to voice this movie along with some new talents
Directed by :Ron Clements & John Musker 
Produced by: Howard Ashman, John Musker & Maureen Donley 
Written by: Hans Christian Andersen (fairy tale), Roger Allers (story), Howard Ashman (musical),Ron Clements & John Musker 
Music by: Alan Menken
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