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New TLM Merchandise
Here are some recent news about this site.
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It's amazing all the new and different items that are available in store for the Platinum DVD . Look for this logo for the new line of toys.
Not-so-new additions to the Collection
  I just added almost 50 new items to these categories: Crystals, Displays, Figurines, Frames, Mugs, Misc, Pillows & Bags, Pins, Snowglobes, Signature Series, Towels, Ornaments & Cels . Currently, we have 500 pictures of our collection on MLM
   Our most prized item at the moment is
this beautiful Ariel Display from The Disney Store.
    I think almost everybody has seen these gorgeous display figurines at some of the Disney Stores. We were so lucky to able to get hold of Ariel and her base.  
   She is just beautiful: an amazing 36 inches high, dazzling colors, and in perfect condition (maybe one or two chips, but nothing big)
   She was on our wish list since day 1, now we just need to find Flounder, Sebastian, & Scuttle to complete the scene :)

Coming soon to
   I've been working on the new screenshots from the Platinum Edition DVD set. It's going to be over 1000 great screenshots! I'll keep the older screenshots too in case anyone wants to see the different between the '97 DVD release and the '06 PE DVD release.
   I'll also be adding a few screenshots from the TLM series (yes, from each episode, yay!). It will take some time to have them all up since there are more than 30 episodes!
   A few months ago I had the idea of adding a video section with some footage of Ariel and her friends. I shot some footage from the Voyage of TLM at MGM, as well as the night parade. It will be small at the beginning, but I hope we can add more videos later on.
The Little Mermaid - a Broadway Musical
Finally! Disney decided to give Ariel a chance on Broadway. The Little Mermaid - The Musical officially opened on January 10, 2008 after a 6 weeks tryout in Denver and 2 months preview on Broadway. Here's the link of the official site for The Little Mermaid - a Broadway Musical
January 28, 2007:
Series Update: Most of the episodes are up. I still need to upload Message in a Bottle and Thingamajigger. Sadly, I misplaced one of the DVDs that had the other 5 episodes (Tail of two Crabs, Metal Fish, T'ank you for Dat, Ariel, Scuttle, and King Crab). I'll try to add Message in a Bottle and Thingamajigger this week but I'm not sure when I'll have the other 5 :(
Collection Update: I just added 26 more items in this categories: Displays, Figurines, Lamps, Mugs, Ornaments, Misc, Pillows and Bags, Plates, Snowglobes, Signature Series and WDCC. I have a new category that I would like to add which will contain most of the VHS, DVD, and Books that we have in our collection.
Movies Update: The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning is coming soon! I already posted a picture in the movie area that looks like a possible promo poster. A new trailer is available here. You can also see the official Disney site right here. It looks like they are going to add a sneak peek of the movie; hopefully it will be similar to the Cinderella 3 site which had a sneak peek of 10 minutes of the movie!
    This is the logo of TLM3. It's already available to pre-order at the site.         
  And here's a pic of Ariel and the logo and also the names of the  actors from The Little Mermaid ( The Musical): 
Ariel - Sierra Boggess
Ursula -
Sherie Rene Scott
King Triton -
Norm Lewis
Prince Eric -
Sean Palmer
Sebastian -
Titus Burgess
Flounder -
Cody Hanford/ J.J. Singleton
Scuttle -
Eddie Korbich
Flotsam -
Tyler Maynard
Jetsam - Derrick Baskin
Grimsby -
Jonathan Freeman
Chef Louis - John Treacy Egan
February 18, 2007:
Series Update: Message in a Bottle and Thingamajigger are up! finally LOL :)! I'm working on a new category Color Gallery which will include coloring images, avatars, icons, and other pictures! Hopefully it will be up soon.