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Recent News about the Movie

The Platinum Edition of "The Little Mermaid" was released on October 03, 2006

      Disney has just released new information about the 2-DVDs Platinum Edition of "The Little Mermaid"
       The Bonus Features will include:
New TLM Merchandise
Here are some recent news about this site.
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* All-New "Kiss The Girl" Music Video Performed By Ashley Tisdale 
* "Under The Sea" Adventure: A Virtual Ride Inspired By Disney Imagineering -- Experience The Theme Park Ride That Was Almost Built; Ride It And Go Behind The Scenes 
* DisneyPedia: Life Under The Sea -- Learn About The Real-Life Animals That Inspired The Movie Characters  Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes 
* Exclusive Animated Short, "The Little Match Girl" 
* Treasures Untold: The Making Of Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID 

Add the The Little Mermaid trailer to your site at www.LittleMermaidDVD.com
It's amazing all the new and different items that are available in store for the Platinum DVD . Look for this logo for the new line of toys.
And here's the trailer!
New additions to the Collection
  I just added almost 50 new items to these categories: Crystals, Displays, Figurines, Frames, Mugs, Misc, Pillows & Bags, Pins, Snowglobes, Signature Series, Towels, Ornaments & Cels . Currently, we have 500 pictures of our collection on MLM
   Our most prized item at the moment is
this beautiful Ariel Display from The Disney Store.
    I think almost everybody has seen these gorgeous display figurines at some of the Disney Stores. We were so lucky to able to get hold of Ariel and her base.  
   She is just beautiful: an amazing 36 inches high, dazzling colors, and in perfect condition (maybe one or two chips, but nothing big)
   She was on our wish list since day 1, now we just need to find Flounder, Sebastian, & Scuttle to complete the scene :)

Coming soon to Mylittlemermaid.com
   I've been working on the new screenshots from the Platinum Edition DVD set. It's going to be over 1000 great screenshots! I'll keep the older screenshots too in case anyone wants to see the different between the '97 DVD release and the '06 PE DVD release.
   I'll also be adding a few screenshots from the TLM series (yes, from each episode, yay!). It will take some time to have them all up since there are more than 30 episodes!
   A few months ago I had the idea of adding a video section with some footage of Ariel and her friends. I shot some footage from the Voyage of TLM at MGM, as well as the night parade. It will be small at the beginning, but I hope we can add more videos later on.
    I also need to fix the guestbook, again I'm sorry for the inconvenience :)
September 5, 2007:
   Aloha!! It's being a long, long time since the last update. We've been so busy moving to a new place and rearranging the collection that
Mylittlemermaid.com had its 1st birthday and we didn't even mention anything :(. Anyway, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!
   We would like to thank everyone who has visited us this last year; we never thought that we would have so many hits on this site. We are really proud of
MLM and we'll keep investing time and energy adding more TLM stuff. So come back and visit us often!
The Little Mermaid - a Broadway Musical
Finally! Disney decided to give Ariel a chance on Broadway. Even though it hasn't officially open on Broadway, the wonderful cast of this play have been performing since July 26 . The Broadway performance will being on Novemember 3. Here's the link of the official site for The Little Mermaid - a Broadway Musical

   And here's a pic of Ariel and the logo: 
September 19, 2007:
Quick Update: I just added the new screencaps from "The Little Mermaid" Platinum Edition right here. I'm also starting to add the Series  screencaps from each episode. Sea ya soon!
December 04, 2007:
Series Update: Pics for Resigned to It, Trident True, Wish upon a Starfish, Giggles , Charmed, Marriage of Inconvenience and The Evil Manta are up. 7 Episodes to go :)
November 21, 2007:
Series Update: Screencaps for  Whale of a Tale, The Great Sebastian, Stormy , Double BubbleUrchin, Beached, Eel-Ectric City,Calliope Dreams, Against the Tide, Ariel's Treasures, and A Little Evil are up! I'll be adding the other episodes soon.
November 28, 2007:
Series Update: Screencaps for Red, Island of Fear, Heroes, The Beast Within, Save the Whale, and Land of the Dinosaurs are up. I also fixed the guestbook and it should be working now.