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Name :   sum1
Date :   12-7-08
Comments :   I am a huge fan of the movie.This site was very helpful. Thank you for making this site. I even wish I could be a mermaid.
Name :   Ariel Alejandro
Date :   12-
Comments :   youre movies are wonderfull
Name :   Ocean
Date :   December 4th 2008
Comments :   I absolutely LOVE the little mermaid movies and this site is like my favourite one and I visit it alot! I think the stuff in here is really awesome!
Name :   marsha luna
Date :   12/3/08
Comments :   This is a very nice interesting cite.
Name :   Sarah
Date :   December 3, 2008
Comments :   I love the little mermaid!! She has always been my favorite Disney princess. This is a really great site! Keep up the good work!
Name :   Sheena
Date :   December 2, 2008
Comments :   I REALLY LOVE IT!!!
Name :   babylyn balasabas
Date :   120208
Comments :   it is good and very enjoyable! i love this movie and i really like ariel!
Name :   layla
Date :   1st december
Comments :   Hi! Im a frequent visitor to this site, and i adore Ariel=) I love your collection. Mines tiny, but when i eventually get my own place, i can expand! Thanks for creating this amazing site, and keep up the good work!=)
Name :   Chelsea & Bob
Date :   November 29, 2008
Comments :   I love this website. :) I really LOVE Ariel, oh and flounder too. We love to watch this movie, it is a perfect date night ;)
Name :   Nicole
Date :   11/26/2008
Comments :   I love this site and everything about it!I love how they have lyrics and early animation drawings on the site!This is one of the best sites ever!Keep up the great work!
Name :   Brianna
Date :   nov 25
Comments :   I love mermades
Name :   princess
Date :   11-22-08
Comments :   Hi i love ariel movie, all chapters of ariel I have and sometimes I ask my mom, mom what do you feel if you are a mermaid? and she always said ok, if god created me a mermaid. sa thats all bye bye (//_-) :) :-)
Name :   haruka
Date :   20 nov 08
Comments :   the best movie i ever saw
Name :   aidan
Date :   nov.19,2008
Comments :   i like your site!!!! i am staring to like you!!!! put me in the guestbook!!!!:)
Name :   alila
Date :   11-19-2008
Comments :   i like your site!.... i would like to suggest you to put a the little mermaid 3 in the color gallery!

Name :   Emily Guest
Date :   19h November 2009
Comments :   AWESOME website!!!!! there is so much to like about this website its really helpful and awesome there is no words on earth to describe how spectacular this website is and how wonderful this website is. i love the little mermaid heaps!! and thanks to my en
Name :   jeiv reyes
Date :   11-19-08
Comments :   hAi tOuH OlL PeOpLeTz oF aLl tHe nAtIoNz!!! gOoD DaY To aLl!!! I WaNt yOu aLl tO KnOw tHaT my fAvOrItE StOrY Or lEts sAy AdVeNtUrE Of a yOuNg gIrL NaMeD ArIeL WhO LiVeS In aNtArTiCa wHeRe AlL PeoPlEz aRe bUsY In DaNcIng aNd PlAyInG Is tHaT WhO ArE G
Name :   Alicia
Date :   11/17/08
Comments :   Hi there! I hope all is well. I have to say that I am really excited to see someone that shares the passion and dedication as I do for the Little Mermaid. She plays a huge part in my life and I have loved her since the first day I saw her. I ran into your
Name :   sumudu
Date :   17-11-2008
Comments :   It is incredibly nice and amazing !
Name :   Desirée
Date :   16.11.2008
Comments :   Hello, my Name is Desirée. Im from Germany and my English is very bad.... so I write in German! Ich bin durch Zufall beim googlen auf Eure Website getroffen und überrascht, dass es so eine umfangreiche Bildersammlung gibt... Und ich bin sooooo traurig,
Name :   Bethany
Date :   15/11/08
Comments :   hey people should put up the broadway musik lyrics
Name :   Monet
Date :   nov/15/08
Comments :   wow, this is an amazing site. I have always been an Ariel fan, since i was a baby. when i was little everything that i owned was the little mermaid. Sheets, blankets, towels, clothes...i even decorated my room in the little mermaid theme. I am a huge fan
Name :   hareem
Date :   november 15,2008
Comments :   i love the first movie my favorite is the 2nd i saw the 2nd when i was a baby i never saw the 3rd
Name :   Brian Green
Date :   11-15-08
Comments :   I have some merchandise of the Little Mermaid you dont have. I have the script from the movie. Plus happy meal toys. Burger King Flounder,Ariel on turtle,Flounder, Urchin set Eric in boat with paddle that movies, Ariel Mc Donalds 100 Years of
Name :   Brittany
Date :   11.10.2008
Comments :   I LOVE your site. Its the best to see all things Ariel! I esp. love the screen caps! Ive been able to make a ton of avatars from them (of course Ive credited this site) Thank you so much for keeping the Ariel spirit alive!
Name :   Linda Å
Date :   10 nov 08
Comments :   Hello! I love your Ariel site, but I hope you can fulfill the part with the series - like example METAL FISH that is actually Hc Andersens cameo appearence.
Name :   ALLISON
Date :   11\ 9 \ O8
Comments :   I LOVE YOU ARIEL
Name :   reziel
Date :   11-8-2008
Comments :   i really the little mermaid.. it is the best prinesses walt disney..
Name :   Emily
Date :   November 7, 2008
Comments :   Thank you so much for having the lyrics to The Little Mermaid: Ariels beginnings. I cant find them anywhere else, and Im sure youve heard this before but here it is again, THANK YOU. Now I can sing along with the movie, even though there arent as many son
Name :   Erika
Date :   11/6/2008
Comments :   What a great website. I also love the little mermaid and was wondering if you had any information on some large vinyl banners I have. My friend worked as a manager at one of the movie theatres and they were used as promos. They are 2 sided and approx. 4ft

Name :   Sarika
Date :   11/7/08
Comments :   I love this site, this is the only place where i can go to and find everything about The Little Mermaid...LOVE IT!!
Name :   Johnna
Date :   11/5/2008
Comments :   I LOVE this site that you have... it is amazing!! i just wish that i had this collection for myself... you have a beautiful one!! Thanks for sharing!!
Name :   skyler
Date :   november,10 2009
Comments :   i have never been on this sight
Name :   Liza
Date :   03/11/08
Comments :   Hi from Greece! ;) I love your site! is so GREAT!
Name :   Kathrine
Date :   29 okt 2008
Comments :   hi :) love it. i am from Norway and i love mermaids.they are so bjuteful XD lol i am not so god in Englis.... maybe you kan try to understan Norwegian XD hei = hello/hi mit navn er Kathrine = my name i Kathrine jeg liker veldig havfruer = i like Mermai
Name :   Christina 23 athens
Date :   28-10-2008
Name :   carla
Date :   october 26,2008
Comments :   i am the no. 1 fan of the little mermaid
Name :   
Date :   october,25,2008
Comments :   we love you ariel
Name :   megan
Date :   10/24/08
Comments :   I tink that the little meramaid is the best disney princess movie EVERRR!!!!!!!!!And i say that Ariel is the prettiest mermaid in the world,i have all of her movies.They are so good and i might go back to NEW YORK to see the browad show.I say it was the b
Name :   asia
Date :   10/23/08
Comments :   i love the beatiful pictures`
Name :   Victoria
Date :   10/23/08
Comments :   it was exicting you should put kingdom hearts 2 SORA in there he was a mermaid and met ariel after all!
Name :   damara
Date :   10-23-2008
Comments :   iam a big fan of the little mermaid i love her......
Name :   Natallia
Date :   8 th april
Comments :   I love little mermaid
Name :   Melody
Date :   10/17/08
Comments :   Hi! My name is Melody! I LOVE the litte mermaid! Melody even has my name! Plus SINGING is the BEST! Gotta jet! BYE!
Name :   jordan
Date :   2008
Comments :   i love moves abowt mermads i have a holl book with 4 storis in it abowt areal

Name :   Elizabeth/RiverNaiad
Date :   10/16/08
Comments :   Hey, I love your site and all the hard work youve put into it! I wanted to let you know that Ive added some of your screencaps to my flickr group called Daughters of Triton and Ive given credit to you for making them. View them here:

Name :   jhuvelle
Date :   10-14-08
Comments :   Hi i love this movie very much sometimes i wish to be a mermaid i have search all the web if mermaids exist i have a collection of mermaids in my room
Name :   charlotte
Date :   October 14
Comments :   
Name :   SANDRA
Date :   10/10/08
Name :   casey taylor
Date :   10/9/08
Comments :   Oh I am a huge fan of Ariel and Melody.Eric I think is so cute.I wish I can meet Jodi Benson in person.I wish I can play on The Little Mermaid.
Name :   Nicole
Date :   08.10.08
Comments :   super site it is wonderful. i have a lot of fun with my friends
Name :   hailey silva
Date :   10/5th
Comments :   i loved aril for as i can remember!
Name :   Darkness
Date :   1/10/2008
Comments :   I love the little mermaid I love Ariel Erick and Melody^^
Name :   Gigi
Date :   September 28, 2008
Comments :   The little Mermaid is my favorite movie ever and I have my Mermaid collection. The Little Mermaid ROCK!!!!
Name :   Marco vaca
Date :   9/28/08
Comments :   hi i know emma from h2o and i love the little mermaid ariel rocks!i want to be a merboy so i could swim with the mermaids.i also like verry much h2o Emma Cleo and Ricki Rock!!!!love you all mermaids!
Name :   Elizebet
Date :   27/09/08
Comments :   I love this site!
Name :   Ariel
Date :   27.09.08
Comments :   She is beutfull
Name :   edeline
Date :   25/october/2008
Comments :   i always dreamed that ican changed into amermaid like melody, and just watching the movie had alredy made my dream come true.all i want to say is thank you, for making my dream come true.
Name :   shannon
Date :   1999
Name :   Luizy
Date :   23/09/08
Comments :   Adorei o site!!! muito lindo mesmo!!! parabêns!!! very good!!! beautiful!!! kiss
Name :   amber
Date :   
Comments :   love it

Name :   Gabby Frazier
Date :   9/22/08
Comments :   I love arial
Name :
Date :   sept 23 2008
Comments :   Wow this site is so much fun :) I have loved the little mermaid since i was really little. i used to watch the vhs tape so much i went through atleast 3 copys because the tape would snap from overuse. the little marmaid 2 i saw at the theater and i loved
Name :   Amanda
Date :   Tuesday, September 23rd 2008
Comments :   Dear Ariel, You are my all time favourite princess. I think you are soo beautiful. I know all the lyrics to all your songs, I can even sing them the best from my whole school, and seen all your movies even the new on Ariels Begining. I just wanna say yo
Name :   Alexis
Date :   8/20/08
Comments :   Hey! breana, you are NOT too old to like the little mermaid!! im 12 too and i am absolutely in love with it!! it is the most amazing movie EVER!! haha so just to let you know you arent too old for the most amazing movie ever...
Name :   Nele
Date :   09/21/08
Comments :   Wow i love your site, i love the little mermaid! I have seen on youtube the 3th movie but in the dutch so i am dutch! I cant believe they are on youtube in the dutch! So i have a question: you now PNGs? That are pics they dont have a backrgound. I searchi
Name :   ssdcg
Date :   09/19/08
Comments :   ariel your the best woohoo oh yea
Name :   elizabeth
Date :   9/18/2008
Comments :   i love your website its my favorite disney princess i love her alot my family is going to see her in january and on my brithday on the broadway show
Name :   katelyn
Date :   9/16/08
Comments :   i love ariel sooooooo much im her biggest fan i collect lots of stuff about her
Name :   Breana
Date :   08/18/08
Comments :   Hi I love this site I wish I had all this Ariell stuff that u have. I have tons &tons of TLM stuff.U r never 2 old 2 like Ariel I am 12 and my mom thinks I am 2 old! Pelase some one tell me that I am not!
Name :   Breana
Date :   08/18/08
Comments :   Hi there did you all know that walmart is having a speail for TLM3? They are going to have the dvd and a vantiy gift set with a comb, brush,and crown. I am soooo buying it! I am Ariels Biggest fan of all time!!
Name :   Stephanie
Date :   8/16/2008
Comments :   My 3 year old twins love The Little Mermaid. Do you know if there were ever any DVDs or videos made of the series? We watch TLM 1 at least once a day. I would like to add to the collection.
Date :   8-15-2008
Name :   mariah
Date :   agu. 14
Comments :   i am a big mermaid fan. i even belive in mermaids. swim like one to
Name :   Julie
Date :   8-13-08
Comments :   I LOVE your collection of little mermaid items i wish i made a million dollers a week to own all of them!
Name :   LAUREN
Date :   2/7/2002
Name :   Douglas
Date :   12/08/08
Comments :   Eu adorei o site! Pena que não tem muitas fotos de a pequena sereia 3!
Name :   elizabeth9
Date :   jan11,19,99
Comments :   i am a big mermaid fan and love the site and have a nice day but before i leave i need to know how u built this site its a wonderfull site love and care elizabeth
Name :   Andrea
Date :   August 9
Comments :   OMG you are so cool really, I love so much like you ARIEL but WOW the sneekpeaks of ariels beginning are AWESOME OMG really I love them all where you get them you are so cool and really you are so a WOW... SUPER FANATIC I think of ARIEL th
Name :   SOLIMAR
Date :   08/10/208
Name :   SOLIMAR
Date :   08/10/2008
Name :   abigail sacchi
Date :   8 8 08
Comments :   little mermaid is my favorite movie ever
Name :   lily sacchi
Date :   8 8 08
Comments :   i loved the color gallery
Name :   Annmarie L. Martin
Date :   8-8-2008
Comments :   I thought I had a big colleceton of Little Mermaid cool things. Ive never seen some of these Little Mermaid things.
Name :   Princess Mia
Date :   07-08-08
Comments :   Its so a great website!! really likee it!! i wish there would be more imformation about the third moviee!!! xxxxxx
Name :   keayone
Date :   5\ 08
Comments :   i like this site so cool and i like the movie called the little mermaid 2 return of the sea and my favorite character is melody, because she is very tough just like me when she trying to save her family at the very end of the movie.
Name :   sofia
Date :   08/07/08
Comments :   dear little mermaid..Im going to see your theater presentasion on Saturday night see you there. Bye
Name :   abbie
Date :   8,8.08
Comments :   little mermaids are so cool and i love them very much. i would love to live under the sea
Name :   Emily
Date :   6/8/08
Comments :   I thought it was GREAT!!!!!!!!! But i thought with the 3 Movie seenk peek you could of made it a mini clip not just pictures. Cant wait to see the 3rd movie!!!!!!!!!! From Emily
Name :   Princess Quenn
Date :   July 6 2008
Name :   cat
Date :   8/4/08
Comments :   the figuines are awesome. I love them.
Name :   momy gema
Date :   8-4-2008
Comments :   dear little mermaid im the momy of two beatifull girls my baby alex 2years old and ashley 11monts are really want your movies sometimes there make crying if they wsant to watch it i wish you have so much movies to come
Name :   lauren
Date :   3/08/08
Comments :   hello my name is lauren and i am 5 years old and i love littel mermaid
Name :   EMMA
Date :   1/2/2008
Name :   Amy
Date :   wed 30 2008
Comments :   i love you all i have every thing little mermaid i love the little marmaid 2 return to the sea so much because it is the best little mermaid to me i love Ariel alot but i love Meldeoy the best because she is the coolest to me and my 9 siaters and my baby
Name :   rachi
Date :   07/29/08
Comments :   i love your movies
Name :   Magda Irais
Date :   July 29 2008
Comments :   I congratulate you on this incredible page, ive been a fan of the little mermaid since i saw the movie in theaters, i love it so much i saw the movie every single day when i was six years old until the video cassette snaped, even my quincenera was about t
Name :   emem
Date :   07-28-08
Comments :   ariel is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name :   Abbie
Date :   28/07/08
Comments :   Fantastic COLORING pages
Name :   princess sarah
Date :   7/28/08
Comments :   dear little mermaid i am a big fan ,but i really want to watch your ep.s ,but i cant find any
Name :   Miracle Todd
Date :   7\25\2008
Comments :   I love to watch my fov The Little Mermaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name :   Angie
Date :   23rd of july
Comments :   i love this website.... im a huge ariel fan myself and i too collect a lot of ariel gadgets... i enjoyed seeing many of the gadgets you had and i never new about most of them in this website... thanks!!!
Name :   Allison Walsh
Date :   july 23
Comments :   i love this website its really good lots of great info!My fav movie in the whole world is the little mermaid 2. its so awsome.Please keep updating in its really amazing!!! - From the little mermaid 2 lover!!!
Name :   gabbo
Date :   
Comments :   can you watch the tv series?
Name :   Eric
Date :   21 de Julio 2008
Comments :   Que tal!!!Mi nombre es igual al de elpricipe aun que no lo crean. Bueno soño quiero decir q amo The Little Mermaid y q amo a Ariel tambien (estoy enamorado de ella desde q la escuche cantar osea a Jodi Benson. En este momento la estoy escuchando cantar un
Name :   Kelly
Date :   07/21/08
Comments :   Its the story about Ariels Beginning for the time of her life so Have fun in the movie Ariels Beginning I got to see that next month thank you
Name :   Isaiah
Date :   7/13/08
Comments :   The little mermaid is fun.And relaxing And cool.
Name :   kimmy
Date :   12\7\08
Comments :   Its really good i,m a big fan of mermaids but are they real?
Name :   dessa
Date :   july11,2008
Comments :   this is great!thanks!!!
Name :   flor
Date :   may-30-2008
Comments :   I love this website I wish it had games.
Name :   megan
Date :   6/5/08
Comments :   this website is cool
Name :   mia
Date :   7/3/08
Comments :   
Name :   vannessa arriola
Date :   7/02/08
Comments :   hello my name is vannessa and i am a huge ariel fan ever since i was little....and i am painting my room of the little mermaid and the collection that i saw that u have is it for sale because it would make my dream come true if it e-mail is: vann
Name :   Sergio
Date :   Jun01
Comments :   Thanks for discovering new snowglobes and sharing the information with us. By the way, have you bought the new Ariel pedestal snowglobe? I want to buy it soon. Take care, Sergio
Name :   flor
Date :   may-30-2008
Comments :   i love this website i wish it had games.
Name :   Tyler
Date :   may 30,2008
Comments :   This site is amazing!! Im a huge Ariel fan! Ive found lots of things about Ariel on this site. Especialy things that involve how they drew Ariel and giving her hair its own personality! The person who made this website is a truely amazing Ariel fan indeed
Name :   Veronica
Date :   30 De mayo
Comments :   tu coleccion es bellisima te felicito, y tu pagina web es espectacular, no sabia que exitian tantas cosas de la sirenita ...yo creo que tu debes ser la fan No 1 del mundo, de verdad felicitaciones y un gran saludo de Venezuela
Name :   ruthie
Date :   5-28-08
Comments :   your collection is beautiful my daughter is a little mermaid fan as well thanx for sharing your photos
Name :   Candice Judd
Date :   May 27,2008
Comments :   Great site! I have a very large collection,napkins to snow globes plus. The Little Mermaid is my biggest choice in Disney movies. My son bought it for me when it first came out. I even have a small bike. I dont think Ill ever stop collecting. You have som
Name :   kascey
Date :   5/24/08
Comments :   i thik it is a good mooie and a good book.
Name :   Aurora
Date :   5-24-08
Comments :   I love your website
Name :   Cheese (in Thailand)
Date :   23/05/08
Comments :   I love your website ___
Name :   Timothy
Date :   24 may 2008
Comments :   I just love your site ,i loked everywhere for little mermaid series screenshots and now i have found it
Name :   mckena
Date :   5-22-08
Comments :   i love this website i hope there is a new movie!
Name :   katie v
Date :   5/21/08
Comments :   WOW!!!!!!!!! this site is SO AWESOME!!!! i am absolutley in love with ariel and i cant tell you how excited i get when i see this kind of stuff! i love all of the collectibles! i am SO jealous of whoever those belong to! wow. aaaa!!! ariel is the BEST!!!!
Name :   jada
Date :   11/17/94
Comments :   heyy girl heyy
Name :   Quenn Arscye
Date :   may 20 2008
Comments :   hi ariel nice to meet you bye
Name :   Quenn Arscye
Date :   may 20 2008
Comments :   i know whats youre sing look at this stuff isnt neat wouldt you think my collection complete wouldt you think am the girl the girl has everything thats all i know bye want to be mermaid like you
Name :   Quenn Arscye
Date :   May 19 2008
Comments :   hi ariel am quenn i love you i always watch youre DVD youre my fav0rite princess and aurora the slepping beauty thats my favorite princess and you too i wish i see you in pers0n am from philipines
Name :   Ted Ruetz
Date :   May 18, 2008
Comments :   I love this movie, andf i think you did a great job with the site. I also thought you of all people would know if you can buy the little mermaid TV series on dvd or vhs?
Name :   Sammie
Date :   16/5/08
Comments :   A lovely site, I am glad I found it. Ariel is one of my favourite Disney character. If only one day I could leave Tasmania and see Disney world, it must be amazing. The site is so beautiful. Oh well, love your site.
Name :   Cat
Date :   5/15/08
Comments :   I love this sit. It is the best little mermaid sit I come across. I am a huge little mermaid fan and cant wait until the little mermaid 3 comes out on August 28th. Arial is the greatest disney princess EVER!!!!!!
Name :   Cat ford
Date :   5-14-08
Comments :   great site. love the pictures and the information is good too. I should know becaues the little mermaid is my favorate movie. cant wait to see the little mermaid 3 Arials beggings comming out Augest 28th.
Name :   Taylor
Date :   5-11-08
Comments :   I love the movie. Also, the site it pretty cool.
Name :   melody
Date :   5-7-08
Comments :   i like this website this is soooooooooooooooo beautiful
Name :   rylee
Date :   2008
Comments :   your books were grate
Name :   lili
Date :   2- 5-2008
Comments :   I love the little mermaid !! And this site is soooo coool !!
Name :   maxine
Date :   may 2,2008
Comments :   hi ariel im your no. 1 fan.your my favorite princess
Name :   sam
Date :   march 30
Comments :   
Name :   andrea
Date :   5/1/08
Comments :   I think of the little mermaid is i think it inspirers me in my imagination that i would want to be a mermaid just like Ariel.I have the pillows and the blanket of you and the doll.
Name :   Kelsey S. AKA #1 little mermaid fan
Date :   
Comments :   I love this site I am the bigest fan of the little mermaid i get on this site almost every day this site is great I love ariel & melody the animation is so beautiful
Name :   William
Date :   April 29 2008
Comments :   I love mermaids! thanks im going to favorite this
Name :   Sydney Farrell
Date :   May 2008
Comments :   I am going to be 3 soon and I love the Little Mermaid
Name :   Danielle
Date :   4/28/08
Comments :   Hi, I love your site. I am an Ariel lover and was delighted to come upon it. It gives me so many ideas for collectibles and whats out there. I was surprised to notice that the collection featured did not include Disney paintings of Ariel. They have at lea
Name :   mikee
Date :   April 28,2008
Comments :   i love this amazing!! good job making this site..
Name :   nicole zapata
Date :   04- 27-08
Comments :   i love little mermaid! the web site is awesome.
Name :   isabela
Date :   04- 27-08
Comments :   i love the little mermaid i love the photos and everything!
Name :   Daphne Louise Y. Esteban
Date :   April 23, 2008
Comments :   I like Little Mermaid specially Ariel and Sebastian!Keep it up!
Name :   han mia
Date :   4-23-08
Comments :   nice site..!!!! tnx for sharing this side to all people that love the little mermaid!!! specialy me... hehehe
Name :   shauna
Date :   23/04/08
Comments :   omg i love this website, i love the little mermaid, cant w8 till the next film xxx
Name :   ariel
Date :   03/20/08
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