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February 10, 2009:
Collection Update: Here are the latest additions to the collection. 28 new items in total.
June 15, 2009:
Collection Update: 30 new more items added to the collection.
September 28, 2009:
Collection Update: 12 new items!
September 28, 2009:
Broadway Update: Sadly, after 685 performances and 50 previews, The Little Mermaid has closed on August 30, 2009. The good news is that a US national tour is scheduled to start on Fall 2010 :)
September 28, 2009:
   It was announced during the D23 Expo that there will be an expansion (huge expansion) of Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom WDW. The new Fantasyland will include villages of the different Disney Princesses including Ariel!!! The new "Arieland" will have a dark ride similar to the one being built at DLR. Sounds really fun! Everything will be finished by 2012. Here's a picture of the proposed "Little Mermaid" area.
February 07, 2010:
Collection Update: New items added: Figurines, Frames, Mugs, Ornaments, Miscellaneous, Pillows and Bags, Snowglobes, Signature Series, Trinkets and Watches!